24 October 2009


We had a GREAT time..
Check back here for more information. 
Meanwhile, help us keep the database up to date.  Let us know of any change of address, e-mail, phone, etc.
We would also appreciate any updates or news about other classmates. 
 e-mail:  gordon@ruhs60.org
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Graduation Photos         <-----Updated 30 October 2015
 Missing Classmates      <---(Last update 21 January 2016)
Departed Classmates    <---(Last update 2 Oct 2016)
Then and Now Photos     <---(NEW! added 25 Feb 2012)
Reunion Photo Gallery (under construction)
         Mixer Photos   <---(Last update 21 September 2010)
        Firehouse Photos   <---(Last update 21 September 2010)
        Sunday Brunch
      35 Year Reunion
      40 Year Reunion
      45 Year Reunion
      50 Year Reunion
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Some photos from the 26 August 2011 Get-together thanks to Jim and Julie (Burmester) Lee





The Ells Website is no longer available;  However Dick Claeys, Ells Class of '59, has set up a Facebook group for Ells alumni. You need to be be a Facebook member and need to send or respond to a “friend” request from him to join.